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Tahoe Native

Created by Tahoe Natives for like minded nomads, taking our passion and all the beauty we have absorbed from our surroundings and elements to create products that allow us to get outside and play in this wonderland and seek adventure.

Founders, Camille & David Beck's goal is to use and promote other small local businesses, that possess our same goals, to live, thrive, and enjoy our surroundings, while protecting this incredible place we call Ta-Home.

About Craig Beck...

Craig, David's father, is the maker of the hand crafted wooden surf boards on our shop. Craig grew up soaking up the snow and the water in Lake Tahoe, becoming a big name in die hard powder circles. In 1975, he created the film Daydreamer, which was the first of its kind to showcase extreme ski culture in Lake Tahoe and remains to this day a cult classic. As the son of a pilot, he went on to excel in hand gliding and began building his own model of a high performance glider that remains a classic. After that, he thought he would have some fun reviving the longboard skis used in the 1800s and was invited to the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to perform a demonstration. Then, inspired by early Hawaiian surfers, Craig turned his attention to a new craft: handmade wooden surfboards that would combine form and functionality unlike any other surfboard out there.

Craig Beck

Craig is truly passionate about finding harmony between art, design and the natural world and to own one of his masterpieces is truly to own a special piece of history.

Wake surfing in Lake Tahoe on a wooden surf board


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