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Imperfectly Co

Meghan Pow is the hands and heart of imperfectly co. She makes light weight statement earrings from polymer clay. Every piece is handmade in her home in Reno, Nevada. This mama-owned small business began as a creative refuge and turned into a passion for empowering women to feel bold, modern, and capable of anything. When she is not making earrings, Meghan is spending time with her husband and their two sons.
Meghan Pow owner of Imperfectly Co

The name "imperfectly co." is a reminder to herself (and hopefully you) to never wait until it's perfect to begin. "It" being whatever it is you're here to do, make, or be. Just take a deep breath and begin, no matter how imperfectly. It's my hope that you will be reminded to be bold in the pursuit of your dream when you wear your imperfectly co. earrings.

Handmade clay earrings


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