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Pipit & Finch

Shannon Brown is the soap maker and founder of Pipit & Finch and her partner, William Jaskar, is the woodworker behind the soap dishes. When they’re not creating for Pipit & Finch, you can find them growing inspiration in the garden, skiing, or hanging out at Fallen Leaf Lake.

Pipit & Finch soaps are proudly formulated, designed, and made in Reno, Nevada in small batches. Infused with botanical oils, these one-of-a-kind soap gifts mark the memory of your wedding day through the power of scent. 

Science tells us that smell and memory are closely linked--as your guests wash their skin in the days and weeks after your wedding day, the soap’s scent will trigger their emotions...making your wedding day memories live on long after the day is done.

Formulated with an artisanal mentality--and free from any artificial fragrances and dyes--every nourishing bar is cured for no less than four weeks and lovingly made by our hands. Your guests will feel the love we put into each bar, and the appreciation you have for them. 

The entire Pipit & Finch soap collection is gentle on the skin. Unembellished in presentation yet complex in formulation, every bar indulges the senses with luxury botanical oils. 

When you gift our luxury soap as a wedding favor, you encourage a tangible self-care ritual that’s meant to be enjoyed daily. A little taste of the elusive wild, taking flight in your and your guests’ homes. 

Elevate their experience even more with a handcrafted soap dish. Each dish is thoughtfully made with a sloped design to allow water to run off the soap so it dries faster and lasts longer. 

Our soap scents include lemongrass, lavender, grapefruit, peppermint, rose, and cedarwood. Special formulations -- made just for your special day -- are available, as are small bar sample sets. 



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