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Tahoe Timber

Tahoe Timber is a Lifestyle Brand Dedicated to utilizing sustainable renewable and reclaimed resources to craft unique products inspired by natures beauty.

Tahoe Timber owner

Focused on reducing their footprint, Tahoe Timber prides themselves on bringing you high-quality plastic alternatives. They use renewable resources to handcraft their products to give you a more Eco friendly, fashionable, and functional wooden accessory. Making the switch to wooden products helps prevent plastics from polluting our planet.

Tahoe Timber practices responsible usage of natural resources.  Our products focus on the use of materials that are sustainably harvested, reclaimed and renewable. We cherish the place we live and want to preserve its beauty by having a small environmental footprint as a company.

Shop their Products:

Lake Tahoe sunglasses and engraveable pocket knives
Lake Tahoe hats and watches


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